About Me

Having always been overweight I just accepted it as normal for me but then my weight started creeping up even more, it was quite scary. I know that part of my weight issue is due to a tumour I had when I was 18 on my ovary and had had the football sized tumour as well as a whole ovary and part of the other removed, it interfered with my hormones.

In my teens and twenties I tried dieting but it never worked, within a few weeks I would give up and put all the weight back on and more. In my thirties I gave up dieting, diets don’t work.

More recently I have tried to make some health changes like being vegetarian or giving up wheat. I managed for 8-9 months then relapsed back to my old ways of eating.

In June 2017 I stumbled across low carb way of eating and then in January 2018 found the ketogenic way of eating. Since then I have read and listened to books and podcast about this way of eating and want to share my new found knowledge with others.

A mum of twins, I live in Essex in England. My work life has been very varied and sometime cyclical. This blog is a lot of my spare time. I enjoy watching certain series on Netflix with my family. I play kitchen bridge with a couple of friends. I enjoy going out with my friends for meals, dancing and we also fit in some quizzes in the village hall.

I became a mum at 40 and I want to see my kids grow up and maybe they will have kids of their own. To do that I need to ensure that my health is the best it can be. With this way of eating I feel I can maintain these eating habits give myself the best chances to allow that to happen.

The photo to the left is June 2017, when I was at my heaviest.

If you want to read the longer version of how I got to be so heavy and how I made the changes click here to read the beginningBefore the Journey.

I hope I inspire you to make some changes and take steps towards better health.

Best wishes,

Jackie Fletcher