The Journey – Week 1

This week has been rather strange for me because usually I don’t eat in the morning and I am not hungry but this week I was waking up hungry. It wasn’t a problem, if I am hungry I just eat, I just found it quite strange.

I purchased my scales three years ago and this week was an all time low in that time. My weight was hovering for a few days, then back up slightly as if teasing me. Perhaps testing my resolve.

Often in careers and business we hear about glass ceilings, this week has been like a having a glass floor as if I am scared to break through.

When I had my gallbladder flare up in 2010/11 I weighed less than now but that was because I was scared to eat in case I had an attack. I avoided all fats, breads, mostly living on salad, a soup made from beans and courgettes which wasn’t very pleasant. I can’t remember what else but it wasn’t great and definitely not sustainable.

Now I am eating in a way that is reducing my weight and is nourishing my body and yet I may still have a reluctance to let go my identity of being “fat” but at the same time it is exciting and full of possibility. What if I can actually do this? What if I am no longer a fat person?

I recently saw photos of a lady who was a size 34 (UK) and is now an 18. She was an inspiration, so whilst I can fit in to some size 18 jeans, I plan to be well and truly in a size 18 by the end of the summer.

Many people drop weight very quickly but not everyone. It depends on where you are when you start and what is going on in your body. For some people it takes time to heal the damage that has accumulated over years of over eating carbohydrate and sugar. I seem to be one of those people who reduces weight slowly. That may be due to damage or may be due to the fact that I don’t track everything I eat and I don’t count calories.

Personally I want to find a way that is sustainable, a way I get into ketosis and maintain my fat adaption without having to weigh everything I eat.

This week I went for a blood test. The tests were all normal. I asked for a copy so I can compare if I have another test in the future. I haven’t had a blood test in many years so I have no idea where I was before starting on this journey. It would have been interesting to a comparison to this time last year. I was pleased to see that my triglycerides were 0.7 mmol/L and my HDL 1.3 mol/L I think the ratio is quite good. On a ketogenic diet your cholesterol can go up, my understanding is that the ratio of HDL to triglycerides is important and even if the LDL goes up, the size of LDL particles is more important. I would like to find a doctor who understands keto and is supportive.

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

My weight last Friday was 203.8lbs

My weight this Friday was 203.4lbs

So that is a loss of 0.4lb in the week and 28.4lbs overall.

I have always drunk a fair amount of water. I used to drink 2-3 pints a day, since being on low carb I have been drinking more as I have naturally been more thirsty and have been drink 4-5 pints daily. One of keto friends suggested I drink 4 litres of water a day so this week I am challenging myself to drink 7-8 pints a day. I always drink a pint of water when I wake up. I take a pint glass upstairs with me at night so I start as soon as I wake up. I have now set up reminders on my phone to remind me every 2 hours to drink another pint. I will report back next week. I am expecting that my weight might go up a bit with the additional fluid I will be consuming.

My Challenge For The Coming Week

Drink 7-8 pints of water per day

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