The Journey – Week 15 – Keto Not Just Weight Loss

What a week of weather we have had in the UK. Unbelievable! It has been so hot and we have been so lucky. It even looks like it will last another week.

Today my cleaning lady came and she said she didn't feel well, she felt shaky, dizzy and had a headache. The first thing I thought of in this weather is dehydration.  

Most people don't drink enough water. How much water are you drinking? I usually drink about 3 litres of water, sometimes a bit less but always more than 2 litres.

I know my cleaning lady drinks quite a lot of water and she said she had been drinking about one and a half litres of water a day. So she probably wasn't dehydrated but she might not have enough salts and minerals.

The first thing I did was make her an electrolyte drink. She said she felt so bad she would do anything. She drunk the first glass and so I made her another which she then drunk.

She said that she did feel a bit better. I don't know if her electrolyte balance was out of kilter or if it was something else going on but I knew that the drink will do her no harm.

Beginners on Keto - Keto Flu

When you start out on keto, you lose a lot of fluid and as you get rid of the fluid you also lose salts and minerals. This loss of salts and minerals can make you feel very ill. As if you have the flu.

Some people think that keto is making them ill but actually it is just a lack of minerals and salts. We need sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

We have been conditioned not to eat salt and that salt is bad for us, when actually opposite is true. Salt is very important for cell health.

The important thing you need to know is that I am not talking about table salt, sodium chloride. I am talking about natural sea salt or pink Himalayan rock salt. This has to be 100% salt without any additives or anti-caking agent.

When starting keto you need to drink your electrolytes every day to avoid an electrolyte imbalance, I recommend a pint or 500 ml every day.

Also add salt to your food.

Keep your electrolytes up and keep hydrated in this heat.

How To Make Electrolytes

1/4-1/2 Lemon
3/4 tsp Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Rock Salt
1/4 tsp Lo Salt (make sure it is at least 50% potassium)
1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother (I use Braggs) (Optional)
3 drops Stevia (Optional)

Take a pint glass or a jug add the juice of the lemon.

Add the remainder of the lemon peel.

Add the rest of the ingredients

Add 1 pint or 500ml of water.

Sip throughout the day. You will probably need to follow your sips with normal water. You do get used to it. Use the Stevia if that helps.

Drink every day. I drink them 4-5 days a week.

You can also buy Dioralyte in the chemist.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Friday was 200.6lbs

This Friday was 199lbs

That's a loss of:

1.6lbs in the week 

4.8lb since the beginning of week 1 


33.8lbs overall

My blood pressure this week was 120/80.

Originally I thought I had only lost 0.6lbs but it was 1.6lbs so I was pleased with that.

Even though I had a good loss this week as you can see from the graphs the week chart is up compared to the rest of the week.

The month chart is running a lot lower than before and the month chart heading back down again.

Last Weeks Challenge

I challenged myself last week to take my blood glucose levels five times through the week, before a meal and then every half an hour for 2 hours after.

Actually it was quite difficult to do because you have to be at home for 2 hours after. I only managed to do it twice.

The first time my blood glucose started at 5.6 mmol
30 mins after 4.9 mmol
60 mins after 4.7 mmol
90 mins after 5.1 mmol
120 mins after 5.8 mmol

The second time my blood glucose started at 4.8 mmol
120 mins after 5.7

This second time I ate some strawberries and cream a while after eating so I don't know if that affected the readings. It was much higher than the starting reading.

The idea is that after 2 hours the blood glucose should drop back to similar to the start reading.

Comparison Last Year to This Year with Weight Loss

I don't have many photos of me, especially not full length photos at my highest weight (231.8lbs)

Here is a photo of me last year in Spain even after I lost 6-7lbs and a photo of me this year in the same spot.

As you see there is a long way to go but much better than before.

I did consider taking the orange dress but thought it might clash with my hair. I am going back later this month so might take it then and do another photo, if the dress isn't too big.


If you would have said to me 4 months ago that I would exercise regularly three times per week, I would never have believed you. If you would have said I would be running and considering running for 5 kilometres I would definitely not have believed you.

Not only am I exercising regularly, I am also on the Couch to 5k programme week 3 run 1.  I am exercising 5-6 times per week for at least 20-30 minutes. I would never even imagined doing that previously.

When you come off so many carbohydrates the feeling of fogginess and heaviness dissipates. I feel like now I have energy, my body wants to move. I can move, I find it easy to move even though I am still considered obese. I am overweight.

I still have too much fat and a long way to go. I feel more able to do things. My head feels clearer, my skin feels clearer, I feel so different. I would go as far to say I feel like a different person.


This week I want to eat smarter. I am going back to measuring my food using a new app Cronometer.

I want to eat less protein. I think I have been eating too much.

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