The Journey – Week 16

I am starting with a confession.

Last Saturday night I had a meal that was definitely not keto. In fact the only part of the meal that was keto was the butter.

It's a family dish that we have in the summer when fresh peas are in season. My grandma used to make it most summers, although she didn't make it last year. Now my grandma is no longer with us, she emigrated to heaven last year, we made it and ate in her memory.

We made it and it was a great success. I ate loads, several bowls full because it was so delicious. I had wondered if I would feel ill, eating so many carbs and so much food. I even thought I wouldn't sleep well, but I was fine. I think it helped that I had egg and bacon for breakfast and then didn't eat anything until the meal.

I enjoyed my cheat as I said the other week you have to sometimes come off plan, so long as it isn't often. For me I don't want to feel deprived so I will have odd days or meals where I am not eating the ketogenic way.

Food Tracking App

I mentioned the food tracking App last week call Cronometer, which I had just started using. I had used it once before but got fed up with it when I scanned a UK food label and it wasn't in there. Now if it is a vegetable I just add it as the vegetable rather than scan the label.

Download the App

I am really liking the App now. I am finding it easier to enter foods and I get so much more information.

The downside are the adverts but I can manage with those for the moment to see if I am going to use it long term.

The plus side it has loads of features I like:

Once you enter some food you can look at the nutritional summary and it gives you so much detail.

It takes the activity from my activity app on my phone and shows me how many calories I have burned vs how many I have eaten.

I also get the breakdown of protein (green), carbs (blue) and fat (red).

If I click the calorie breakdown, it also gives me the macronutrient percentages.

It then breaks everything down to

Energy consumed, alcohol, caffeine and water.
Lipids (Fats)

You can see exactly how much you have consumed yellow is under target, green on target and red over target.

The other part I love is that each of the bars (as shown in the pictures) is clickable. When you open it - it shows you which food contains that element.

So in the picture to the right I clicked on Vitamin C and it shows you all the foods you consumed and how much Vitamin C it contained. The entries are sorted in order amount of that vitamin, mineral, carb or protein.

So you are getting so much information and it can guide you to which foods would be good to eat and good to avoid.

You can also get an overview for the week.

The other thing I have just discovered is that I can also log my ketones, blood sugar, blood pressure and lots of other measurements.


Last Monday to Tuesday I fasted from supper to supper. I was out during the day, running around and was just as easy not to eat.

I didn't feel hungry often, if I did I just drunk some water and because I was busy, not eating didn't bother me at all. It was probably only 22 hours as we had supper later on Monday and earlier on Tuesday.

Today I haven't eaten since last night either. I am up to 22 hours now and want to get through to 26 hours. If I feel I can get through the night I might do that and aim for 36 hours.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Friday was 199lbs

This Friday was 195.2lbs

That's a loss of:

3.8lbs in the week 

8.6lbs since the beginning of week 1 


36.6lbs overall

No blood pressure this week I forgot to take it.

I have broken under 14 stone, twice this week.

Today it brings my overall loss to over 2 and half stone.

As you can see from the week chart, I had a little dip on Wednesday that then went back up and down again.

The month is definitely down and even though the beginning of that chart is higher because of my cheats I am still down further than before my cheats.

This can be seen in the yearly chart that is pointing back down again.

I think the difference is lowering my protein. I was probably eating too much, which then turns to glucose and stops fat burning.

Previously I was eating around 100gms of protein and now I am aiming for 55gms but more often it is over 60gms. My average in the last week was 70gms, which is obviously better for me than 100gms.

Couch to 5K and Exercise

I have continued running and am on Week 4 run 2. Week 4 I have found much harder than week 3 and struggled to complete the runs.

On Tuesday I did a new HIIT video, which was much harder on the legs as it had squats. I think I also pushed myself a bit harder that day. By Wednesday my legs were killing me. I still ran on Wednesday though. Thursday I had a day off.

Another Keto Benefit

Another keto benefit that I hadn't noticed, my hairdresser mentioned it to me on Tuesday. He said my hair is in such good condition.


No new challenge this week. I am going to continue with my challenge of keeping my protein low.

The lower protein has been a challenge for me. I haven't been hungry but it has challenged me emotionally eating less. I feel like I want to eat more.

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