The Journey – Week 17

Friday was a down day for me. I was feeling overwhelmed by work and everything I need to do before I go on holiday next week. I couldn't face recording my video, even though I probably should have still recorded it. I just curled up the couch with a book.

At the end of the day I realised I was just tired. After a good nights sleep, I felt much better and recorded the video on Saturday.


When I recorded the video last week I had been fasting since the night before. I was hoping to get through to about 9pm. I actually got through to the evening, then the next morning. 

Once I got to the morning it seemed easy enough to get through to lunchtime. It was just my normal routine. So in the end I managed 42 hours. I didn't find it that difficult. The key was that there wasn't anyone around me eating. I wasn't looking at food. If I felt hungry I just drunk some water.

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Friday was 195.2lbs

This Friday was 195.6lbs

That's a gain of:

0.4lbs in the week 

Loss of 8.2lbs since the beginning of week 1 


36.2lbs overall

I stayed under 14 stone all this week.

It seems my weight always goes up on a Friday. I did think I should move my weigh in to Saturday but it is only a comparison.

On Thursday I ate two meals out and over ate in quantity plus a lot of protein.

I had steak for lunch and lamb in the evening.

Couch to 5K

I completed run 3 of week 5 and all I can say is "Wow!" I did not expect to be able run a long as I did when I started 6 weeks ago. 

On the Couch to 5K App after the run it says you can have some water and eat something now. If you have been keto for a while and are fat adapted, that means your body is primarily using fat for energy instead of glucose (glycogen), you don't need to eat afterwards.

I usually run in the morning and have been fasting since supper the night before and will wait until lunchtime before eating. I would only eat if I was hungry. I won't eat because I have run, I will eat because it is my eating time.

I am burning fat not glucose so I don't need to eat. If you are not yet fat adapted and are still eating more carbs then you may need to eat. Just try to avoid refined carbohydrates and sugars. Stick with eggs, meat, fish, vegetables, maybe an avocado. 

Scrambled eggs with butter or olive oil, with an avocado will give you some protein with plenty of fats. This will nourish your body and stave off the cravings.

Holidays Here I Come

I am going on holiday again this week. So my only challenge for the next few weeks is to stay on plan as much as possible, especially during the day.

As with my last holiday I am going to eat bread and potatoes if I feel like it but I won't have them every night. I will also have a paella at least once maybe twice. I might even have an ice cream on the odd day.

I know I will put on some weight but I won't completely go mad and I will be straight back on when I get home. This for me has been the key to sustainability.

If you have any questions come over to my Facebook Group - Jackie On Keto and join up. 

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