The Journey – Week 21

Whenever you eat off plan it can be hard to get back on plan. It is easy to make excuses "I'll do it Monday, I'll start tomorrow". 

I allowed myself some leeway on holiday so when I got home I was straight back on plan the next day. I was really strict all week.

Total Carbs

Last week I decided to measure my carbs in total carbs instead of net carbs. I thought if I'm measuring net carbs I'm not getting a realistic idea of what I'm actually eating. I wondered if maybe I was eating a lot more carbs than I thought.

On my app I can just change it to state net carbs or total carbs, so I changed the setting. So when I started measuring total carbs I found I was wasn't too far out. I wasn't as low as 20gms total but I was less than 30gms.

Whether I do net carbs or total carbs doesn't really matter too much. If I'm between 20 and 30gms total carbs I'm happy.

On the app I am using I get a weekly average of the carbs in fact all the nutrients.

My weekly average was:

Carbs 27.6 gms

Protein 74 gms which is a little high

Fats 131 gms

Calories 1550

Fats and calories were a little bit low for what the app reckons I should be eating and but it's hard for me to up my fats without upping my protein and my carbs so I've just left it as it is.

The percentage breakdown wasn't too bad. I aim for

Fats 70-75%

Carbs 5%

Protein 15 to 20%

Longer Fast

My husband has taken my boys camping for the last few days and I decided that while they were gone I was going to fast. I felt it would be easier when there's no one around, there's no food, I don't have to worry about food and there's no cooking going on or anything like that. We had our meal together on Wednesday evening and they left yesterday morning.

I'm now 46.5 hours into my fast and only in the last half an hour or so just to started feeling hungry and but it's bearable. I feel a bit hungry but I often get hungry before meal times.

Sometimes I feel hungry about 11:30 in the morning but I push through until lunch time around 13:00. It is that same sort of hunger.

I've been taking my electrolytes and when I've needed to, I put a pinch of pink Himalayan salt under my tongue. I have been drinking plenty of water.

I feel great  and I even did my run this morning. I had no problem doing it, no adverse effects. I haven't felt bad, I haven't had a headache, I'm feeling good.

Weigh In

I want to say in advance that I have been fasting since Wednesday so it is likely to be lower than it might otherwise be and I do expect to put some on afterwards.

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Friday was 197.8lbs

This Friday was 193.6lbs

That's a loss of:

4.2lbs in the week 

Loss of 10.2lbs since the beginning of week 1 


38.2lbs overall

I would like to take the total loss to 40lbs which is not far off 3 stone.

On my yearly chart which was very upturned last week in now almost flat.

I would like to get it pointing downwards again before the end of the month.

Recipe Challenge

A member in my facebook group posted a recipe in in the group for everyone. Another member sent me a photo of a Keto cook book. These two messages made me think because I don't really do keto recipes.

My husband does most of the cooking as I really can't be bothered with cooking and I don't enjoy it that much even though I can cook. We tend to have a meat and veg and I put butter on it. Sometimes if I'm feeling adventurous I'll make Chicken in a cream sauce, which my kids love as well.  We might have a roast or roast chicken or chops or a steak.  It is quite simple food and I'm quite happy with that.

I was thinking that some of my group might feel that they might benefit from doing some more varied foods. My challenge to myself this week is going to be to make a recipe and then tell you how it went. This will be a challenge for me.


Couch To 5K

I've completed week 9 (last week) run 2. If you remember last week I said my legs were hurting, now that I'm home my legs haven't hurt at all. That could be for three reasons:

  1. I am back in my own bed and that supports me better
  2. I've been taking the electrolytes, which I didn't do very much while I was away
  3. I've been running outside and not on the treadmill

It could be either or or a couple of those reasons, I don't know which and it doesn't really matter so long as my legs are not hurting.  My legs are actually hurting today because they are stiff because I did a hard workout yesterday but it's not the same, it's not a pain it's more a muscle ache.

Now I'm running for 30 minutes non-stop unless my laces come un-done and I have to stop and tie them up. I'm one mile short of the 5K that sounds really strange doesn't it "I'm one mile short of five kilometers". I've worked it out in miles and so I know I'm one mile short. I've been managing between 2-2.2 miles and I need to get up to 3.2 miles to hit the 5K.

I am not sure is if I should just focus on the the 30 minutes and try to speed up or if I should extend my time and get to the 5K.  I'm not sure what the best approach is, maybe I should post that on Facebook and somebody might have an answer for me. If you've got one then post it in the comments below.


I thought my first day back to HIIT would be hard having not done it for two weeks. Actually it was much easier, in fact even easier than before I went away so that was quite a strange thing to encounter. Probably the fitness from the running has helped with the movement that I'm doing in the HIIT.

Ketone Testing

Last week I said that I was going to wait until Monday to test my ketones.  I actually waited till Tuesday for various reasons, it just worked out that way. I was 0.7 mmol so I'm well into ketosis. Anything that registers ketones means you have ketones but some say you need to be at 0.5 and above to be in nutritional ketosis.

Through the fast I tested my ketones, yesterday I was 1.0mmol and today I was 1.1mmol. 

One of my facebook group members asked today about testing urine and how you know if you're in ketosis. I actually have no experience of urine test strips.  I've never done them. When I started testing I went straight for a blood meter, however I believe that on the side of the packet they have a coloured chart and you hold the strip up to it and see which colour you're closest to.  I can't give any advice on urine testing.

Getting Back To My Way of Eating

Last week I was wondering if I would find getting back on keto challenging, no it wasn't I just got back into it really easily. I didn't even eat that many calories the first couple of days. I think once you're adapted and you're used to it, you can go backwards and forwards. I have been totally strict all week.

This Weeks Challenge

My challenge this week is to make a recipe.

I don't know what I'm gonna do yet but I'll  let you know.

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