The Journey – Week 25

This week my ice cream churner arrived as an early birthday present. I haven't made any ice cream yet but the bowl is in the freezer getting cold. Today I am going to buy the rest of the ingredients and so will make my first batch of keto ice cream over the weekend.

I didn't achieve my challenge from last week to make a main course that I haven't done before. Part of the reason was I needed to find a recipe before the shopping was done but I didn't manage do that. I won't be doing that this week either, I'll tell you why later. I'm going to keep that as a challenge to do at some point in the future.

This week I haven't been weighing my food. I think I've been fairly good and keeping to my macros. I haven't had any chocolate at all. As you may know I  make my own chocolate, not the actual chocolate part, I mix it with things so that it's more palatable for me. However I have been having almonds. I've probably been eating a good ounce of almonds everyday and I've really been enjoying them so much so I finished the packet. I will need to buy myself some more and roast them. 


In the evenings I have been having dessert but not every day, probably half the week. I have been taking some philadelphia cheese and some sour cream, mixing it together and then putting on some raspberries and strawberries and sprinkling on about half a teaspoon of Nativia. It's a good way to increase my fats but there are also some carbs in it as well.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Saturday was 191.6lbs

This Saturday was 190.4 lbs

That's a loss of:

1.2 lbs for the week 

Loss of 13.2lbs since the beginning of week 1 


41.4lbs overall

Only 0.6lbs to reach my 3 stone loss. 

I like it when on the monthly chart the current weight seems stable and it is several pounds below the beginning of the month.

Now more than a stone below my yearly average.


I have been really enjoying eating sauerkraut and it is really good for your gut bacteria. I have some with my salad, just a spoonful or so a day.

I have been making my own so I treated myself to some preserving equipment.

I tried red cabbage but I actually prefer white cabbage. It is really easy to make so I will keep some on the go.

Keto Is A Fad Diet

As I talk to people about what I'm doing, one of the things I've been noticing this week, and it constantly surprises me, how people who have medical conditions that might be helped by keto and they just won't consider it because they think it's a fad diet.

They are so caught up in the messages we have been told by doctors, nurses, dieticians, magazines and newspapers over the last 50 years about how bad fat is for you and how important it is to keep cholesterol low. They don't consider it in terms of what our body is doing and how food affects the body and how the body would run better on ketones.

We've been doing this way of eating for millions of years. It's only in the last 10,000 years or so that we've had wheat, we've had and fruit in the sense of apples and oranges that grow on trees. We never had orchards before that time.

If you go back 50,000 years our ancestors would have had the amount of carbs in one year that we generally, on a Western diet will have in one day so we are eating 365 times more carbs and sugar now than ancestors did. Then we wonder why we're ill. As a race we managed to sustain surviving for millions of years before that so it makes huge amount of sense that we need to continue eating in the way that our ancestors ate and cut out some of the rubbish that we eat all the time.


I'm still running.  I prefer to run in the mornings and so once it gets to the afternoon I find it much more challenging to get myself going. This week. due to various things going on I haven't been able to run in the mornings. I  did push myself to run on Wednesday afternoon. I've only managed to fit in Wednesday and today, two runs so far this week.

I might just do my HIIT tomorrow and then back on track on Monday, then run Monday, Wednesday and Friday next week.

Autumn Solstice

This week actually next and Sunday is the equinox or the autumn solstice, this is a time when naturally our body lets go of stuff, it is a time of clearing. People find that they get lots of colds as the body starts to clear.

In preparation for that me and some people that I know are gonna be doing a three day fast. I know that you know that I've done a two day fast but now I'm going to take it that step further and see if I can go that extra day.

Now the key thing is is not to push it, if I feel really hungry or I feel that I can't manage it then I will eat. It's not about getting through those three days. It's about doing as much as I can. I'm going to listen to my body and if my body wants to eat, I will eat.

Let's see how it goes,  I'll let you know next week.


My challenge this week is a 3 day fast.

That's a big enough challenge for me.

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