The Journey – Week 27

I can't believe I have been doing these videos and blog for 6 months now.

This week  I haven't been measuring my food at all and I slightly increased my protein. I haven't worried if I have eaten a little over. I have kept to the normal amount of vegetables. The odd day I ate slightly more vegetables too. I don't think I have been over doing it.

My ketones were a bit lower than they had been the previous week. It wasn't a problem because they had been high the previous weeks. This week they ranged between 1.3 and 1.8. The previous week they were over 2.0.

I was pleased because it means I can eat a little bit more protein if I want, I  can have more vegetables if I want to without worrying because I'm still in nutritional ketosis 


Today I did another little experiment. I took my ketones and my blood glucose level about 1:00 p.m. just before lunch. For lunch I had two beigels with quite a lot of butter and some smoked salmon instead of my normal salad.

At 4:00pm I took my ketones again they had dropped from 1.8 to 0.3. My blood glucose had gone from 5.1 to 7.2. Even after three hours my blood sugar was really high. Now I know that beigels are not something I can eat. I can possibly get away with it once a year.

Occasionally won't be a problem but it's not something that I can do all the time.

I am going to be doing a few more little tests like this to see how foods affect my blood sugar. I will test my ketones and glucose before I eat something then again afterwards and see if my blood sugar returns to normal and I am still in ketosis.

I will definitely be testing my ketones and my blood sugar tomorrow around lunchtime before I eat  just to make sure that my readings are back to a better range. 

Network Talk

I have been attending some network meetings. Someone has the opportunity to give a talk for 20 minutes. You can't promote your business so I gave a talk about ketosis. The way I eat, how I have reduced weight and how amazing I feel.

I really enjoyed doing the talk. It seemed to go down well and I got some great feedback and comments. I am booked in to do another talk in a few weeks time. I also have another one after that but that is a shorter one so I will have to shorten it.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Saturday was 188.2lbs

This Saturday was 188.0lbs

That's a loss of:

0.2 lbs for the week 

Loss of 15.8lbs since the beginning of week 1 


43.8lbs overall

Last week I thought I might increase some weight after my fast and so wasn't getting excited about having lost more than 3 stone.

As you can see from the weekly chart I didn't increase weight at all other than a small amount on Friday. 

So I have definitely lost more than 3 stone. I might go up a little tomorrow and Monday because of the water retention from the carbs.

I am not concerned because it won't be fat, it will be go down, hopefully by Tuesday.

The spike in the monthly chart is where we went out for an Indian dinner. Then the steep drop was during my 3 day fast.

Measuring Is More Important Than Weight

Monday is the 1st of the month so it is measurement day. If you want to see the places I measure go to my Facebook Group - Jackie On Keto and you will be able to see a picture with the measurements.

Measurements are actually more important than weight, because you can stall or stop losing weight but still be reducing inches. Even if you don't lose weight, keto on and keep measuring your body.

Ice Cream

I have found that I can eat the ice cream if I cover it with cream and add a little Nativa (Natural plant sweetener).

I think this week I might try another flavour vanilla or strawberry.

I am enjoying having something other than berries and cream as a dessert, although I don't have dessert every day.


I have started an Instagram page, please follow me "Jackie On Keto"


I am not setting myself any particular challenge this week.

I will test some different foods to see how it affects my ketones and blood sugar.

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