The Journey – Week 28

I heard a great sentence last week by Sandra toll and she said ....

"It's not about dying, we will all die it's about the quality of life you have while you're living."

Just read that again because it's really profound.

We're all told how much being overweight is such a problem especially in today's environment and we're told we're eating too much sugar and too many white carbs and that we don't move enough. They are telling us this even though the calories in, calories out theory about how much you eat and how much you move doesn't have a huge relevance.

We're being told that sugar is bad for us. We're told not to eat white carbs and to eat brown carbs. We just don't realise how much of a killer that sugar and those carbohydrates, which revert to sugar, are.

It doesn't just affect overweight people, thin people can be just as sick and have just as many problems from the over consumption of sugar and carbohydrate.

It's not that we don't want to change because I'm sure a lot of us do but these carbs and sugar are so addictive and we don't realise it. It's only once it's out of your system that you can feel that addiction lift. Then you don't feel that you have to eat and you have to have carbohydrates and you have to have bread, potatoes, rice or whatever it is that you normally eat.

It's only once the cravings have gone and that addiction is gone that you start to realise that it's so much easier than you thought.

One of the key things to understand is when we eat too much sugar in the form of carbohydrates and sugar the body has to do something with it and if we eat more than we use up then it has to store it somewhere so it stores it as fat. It stores is around the midsection of your body, around the organs is the first place where it gets put, also around other parts of the body e.g. behind your eyes and all sorts of places that can cause lots of problems later on.

Another crucial thing that happens even though you have got high levels of insulin, it can't always get to the brain. There is a barrier that the insulin can't get through and glucose isn't getting to the brain cells. This causes the brain cells to die, especially the ones in the hippocampus, which is where our memories are stored. This is part of the reason we are seeing so much dementia and Alzheimer's nowadays.

There are many health problems that happen over time that we are completely unaware of as we are carrying on with our normal life. It is really worth taking that step to low carb and higher fat even if you're not going to get into nutritional ketosis.

A low carb / high fat diet is similar to ketosis but it's not the same. You are lowering your carbs and keeping them lower but not low enough to get into nutritional ketosis.

To get into nutritional ketosis you have to have use up all your glycogen stores before you can start burning fat. When you're in a ketogenic way of eating you are actually burning up the fat and using the fat as fuel rather than the glucose.

I really want to encourage people to take that step to lower those carbs because they are a silent killer.

The Sweet Stuff

This week I made some more ice cream.  I'm not a great vanilla fan anyway and it doesn't taste that ice cream as we know it but it is it's quite nice and it is a good dessert.

I had some one afternoon, after it has frozen to taste it then I had it again last night. I sprinkled some chopped nuts on top and it takes away that that need for something sweet.

This week I made some fat bombs. I keep in the freezer until I need them because the soften very quickly.

I have a fat bomb occassionally.

Feedback on My Beigel Eating

Last week I mentioned that last Saturday for lunch I had a couple of beigels with smoked salmon and my blood sugar went from 5.1 before eating to 7.2 three hours after eating them and my blood ketones dropped from 1.9mmol to 0.3mmol but by Sunday at one o'clock my ketones were back up to 2.0mmol and my blood sugar was down to 4.8mmol.

However the weight that I put on overnight on Saturday even though it probably wasn't fat, it was just fluid didn't come back off until Friday yesterday morning. It took five days for it to get back to where it was before I ate the beigels.

Unintentional Fast

This week I did another 24-hour fast. It wasn't intentional I had planned on having some bone broth on Thursday evening but my kids were out in different places and I had to pick them up. We got stuck in traffic and I didn't get back in time to have my broth before I went to Tae Kwondo so I didn't have anything to eat.

Once I get through to the next morning I'm then fine getting through to lunchtime so I went from Thursday lunch to Friday lunch. I am finding that quite easy now especially if I'm not home when everyone's having supper.

Keto Talk

This coming week I'm doing another keto talk.  I am going to do exactly the same as I did last time. I am looking forward to it.  I'm sure the more I do it the easier it will get.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Saturday was 188.0lbs

This Saturday was 187.8lbs

That's a loss of:

0.2 lbs for the week 

Loss of 16lbs since the beginning of week 1 


44lbs overall

You can see in the weekly chart my weight staying high at the beginning of the week and only dropping back down on Friday. 

I am really pleased with 13 stone 5lbs.

On the 1st October I did my measurements. Adding up all the measurements over the 27 different places I measure I had reduced 26 inches compared to September.

Some places went up and others down. The biggest losses were around my back and thighs.


I only ran once last week because on Thursday evening I kicked my sparring partner in Tae Kwon Do and my big toe bent in a way it wasn't supposed to.

I spent Friday morning in the walk in centre having it X-Rayed. Luckily it wasn't broken but they strapped it up. I can't do any exercise until it has completely healed. I have a funny shoe to wear.

I am not allowed to do any exercise until it is completely healed.

Body Measurements

I measure myself on the first of the month, so this week was measuring week. I measure myself in 27 different places, including arms, several places on my body, 3 places on my thighs, knees, calves, ankles.

At the beginning of September when I added up all the measurements the total had increased about an inch. This month when I added all the measurements I had reduced just over 26 inches. That's huge.

Some places stayed the same, a couple of places went up and the biggest losses were around my bust, around my back and my thighs. That's where some of the bigger losses came from but overall I think the general trend is down. I was very pleased about this loss.

I've noticed it on my bra straps, I have had to put it on a narrower clip. I'd also noticed there's a tiny, tiny, tiny little gap between one little section of my thighs. when I stand and I can just see tiny bit of light through it which is something I have never seen.

I am going to have to buy some new bras but I want to wait a bit to get down a bit further or at least see if I can down further.


I have been testing my ketones fairly regularly. They say ketosis is with ketones between 0.5 to about 3.0mmol. Last night I checked after my dinner, it was a couple of hours after dinner and I was still in ketosis. I was at 0.7mmol. I usually test before I eat, I don't often test after eating. The fact that I am still in nutritional ketosis is good for me.

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I am not setting myself any particular challenge. I just want to stay in ketosis.

I can't do any exercise until my toe has fully healed and I have to rest it with my foot up.

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