The Journey – Week 33

I was listening to a podcast by Shawn Mynar and she has a podcast called Keto 4 Women. In the episode I was listening to she was suggesting that we should eat 12 servings of fat a day to get into ketosis.

She recommends 12 servings of fat a day and this should be split across the meals. So if you have 3 meals a day you would need 4 servings per meal, if you also have a snack then 3 servings per meal/snack and if you only eat twice a day then 6 servings per meal.

1 serving is equal to:

1 tablespoon of oil - olive oil, MCT oil, coconut oil or avocado oil
2 eggs
half an avocado
2 tablespoons of nut butter 
Fatty meat you would count as half a serving
Frying vegetables in 1 tablespoon of butter or oil then you would count that as half a serving of fat

Shawn said fatty meat so I'm assuming that lean meat like chicken you probably wouldn't count at all.

I am going to be aware of how much fat I'm having and trying to get a gauge so that I can make sure that I am getting my 12 servings a day.


This morning I was  driving on the motorway and my belly was rumbling like mad. It was about ten o'clock in the morning and it was making lots of whirring noises. It was very strange because I don't normally feel hungry and don't really get those rumbling noises. I couldn't do anything about it because I was driving on the motorway.

By the time I got home it was 10:40, I thought it is neither breakfast time nor lunch time so I decided to wait. It doesn't bother me to wait when I'm slightly hungry because I know that the hunger will pass. I made myself some electrolytes with salt and drunk some of that.

Soaking Nuts

I have been told twice this week that if you are having nuts you should soak them overnight. One person told me you put them in a bowl, pour over boiling water from the kettle and leave them overnight. In the morning you rinse them to get rid of all the all the rubbish.  The protein lectins and phytates in nuts can be an irritation for some people. Many are also coated with industrial seed oil, which can be inflammatory oils like soybean and canola oil. I will be soaking mine from now on.

Once they are rinsed you can dry them out in the oven. I did mine at 200C. I checked them after 20 minutes and then if they needed more did a few minutes at a time so they didn't burn.

I then covered them in salt and olive oil - very tasty. I have them as snacks. I also put them in the blender to make chopped nuts, which I put on ice cream or on my chocolate fat bombs.

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Saturday was 188.8lbs

This Saturday was 191lbs

That's a gain of:

2.2 lbs for the week 

Loss of 12.8lbs since the beginning of week 1 


40.8lbs overall

You can see in the weekly chart has been up and down all week.

The monthly chart was flat and the yearly chart has tipped up slightly.

I am not concerned about the upturn because it is only a slight upturn. I have been mostly good. I know weight can fluctuate by 4lbs in water weight, so this can be very different in a few days.

Also we can encounter weight stalls, which although can be infuriating it doesn't mean nothing is happening. I could still reduce inches and possibly even increase muscle mass.

Keto Talk

This week I gave my talk again. I changed it somewhat and it went really well. People seemed interested and were asking lots of questions, I was really pleased about that.

I also did a radio interview, it is a pre-recorded interview and should be aired January/February time on an internet radio station called Elastic FM. The interviewer is a Facebook friend of mine called Elaine Godley. Elaine does a weekly radio show called Perfect Health. She also has a Facebook page called Perfect Health, you can check her out.  I will let you know when the interview is going to be aired.

Eating Off Plan

Sunday I ate a few things off plan. We had visitors and whilst passing on the cake in the afternoon was easy enough I did a couple of things off plan at supper.

I had a slice of bread, a tiny amount of potato salad but then after supper I had some Rossi's ice cream, now if you know me you know Rossi's ice cream is my absolute favourite.  I didn't eat the whole big pot that I would normally have but I did have some ice cream. This might explain why my weight is slightly up this week.


I have still been doing my squats, a hundred squats a day. I have also been doing ten press ups and ten sit-ups, that is part of my Tae Kwon Do training. I want to catch up with the rest of the class so I am practicing at home to speed up. I am still resting every fourth day.

On Monday I also did ten minutes of a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workout session that I usually follow for about 20 minutes. I didn't want to push it too much so I did ten minutes as a first time since hurting my toe. 

Thursday I did my first run in five and a half weeks and I managed to run for the thirty minutes, which I really surprised me. Then in the evening I went to Tae Kwon Do and did two full hours. That day I worked so hard that my watch ran out of battery during my Tae Kwon Do session and didn't record the session because my battery had completely died.

Friday I did my HIIT session for 20 minutes with the squats and the press ups and sit ups.

Today I went for a run but I couldn't run for the whole 30 minutes. Thursday I managed to run for 30 minutes but today I just couldn't do it. I kept having to slow down to a walk, I didn't stop, I didn't stop moving but I just slowed down to walk, sometimes for a minute or 90 seconds, then started running again. I had to do that several times just to get through the 30 minutes.

I hadn't drunk my usual pint of water when I got up and I don't drink much when I am running. Maybe it was because of the lack of water, maybe it was because I haven't exercised for five and half weeks. 

Making Some Dietary Changes

This is probably not a good time to make changes to my diet but I am going to anyway. I am just starting back on the exercise so I won't know if any changes I make will be due to the exercise or the dietary changes.

I am going to have breakfast every morning. I want to up my meals to three meals a day. I usually do intermittent fasting.  I just want to see if that makes a difference, see if it makes a difference to my weight, see if it makes a difference to how I feel. I am going to test that out and see how it goes.

What am I going to have for breakfast?

I am probably going to have something like eggs and spinach, eggs and avocado, maybe some egg and bacon. I will see what I fancy. It will also depend on timing. If I have got time to cook bacon as it takes a bit longer.

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