The Journey – Week 7


This week I have been cleaning the decking, which has taken hours and hours. This has given me the opportunity to catch up on podcasts. Interestingly 3 consecutive podcasts were about the brain and how reducing carbs and increasing fats can be beneficial for the brain. 

Both ends of life can be when a disease in the  brain shows itself. In children it is called Autism, it adults it is called dementia or Alzheimer’s. Conventional doctors say that nothing can be done but some doctors are having success using food and nutrition to, if not reverse damage to the brain, at least slow the progress.

Dr Shauna Young has had success with children with Autism or on the autistic spectrum using real foods, avoiding processed foods and looking at vitamins and minerals. 

She has a protocol the Spectrum Balance® Protocol available on her website

One of the interesting things she said is that parents sometimes don’t want to make changes to their child and they say that their child isn’t that bad, she asks them to go home and ask their child if they want to try the protocol and the child will often say yes. 

She has also written a book called Erasing Autism. I have added this to my ready list Jackie's Reading List.


"Carbohydrates are toxic for the brain"

Dr David Perlmutter

Dr David Perlmutter is also using a keto diet not just for himself but also for his patients.

He wanted to know what was causing ADHD in children and Alzheimer's disease in adults rather than just treating the symptoms. 


It didn't take much to understand that many peer reviewed journals were indicating that the levels of blood sugar and the foods that we eat that raise blood sugar are directly responsible for many of the diseases that we are dealing with today.

The brain loves to metabolise fat as a fuel source rather than glucose.

"The foods you eat control the rate at which your brain shrinks"

Dr David Perlmutter

Reducing carbohydrates from the diet reduces the risk of developing Alzheimers and dementia. 

Many people believe that a glass of orange juice for breakfast is fine but a 12oz glass of orange juice contains 36 grams of carbohydrate, which is equivalent to 9 teaspoons of sugar. That is most of the carbohydrate (and for some double the carbohydrate) we should be eating in a whole day. 

Then you add in the croissant or toast, a sandwich for lunch, potatoes with your supper as well as all the other carbs one eats throughout the day. It is too much. The body cannot deal with so many carbs.

Grain Brain by Dr David Perlmutter is another book I must read.

He says that more than 70% of our genes are under our control.

When we eat too much sugar these bind with protein and increase free radicals which can increase your chances of Alzheimers by 50 times.

Last Week's Challenge

I didn't complete my challenge of a 24 hour fast. I had a couple of breakfast meetings and didn't want to watch others eat. I planned to do it on Thursday but I woke with a headache and felt that I needed to eat.

At 11am I ate something and then again at lunch.

Although I like to challenge myself it isn't a big deal if I don't achieve it. I don't want to push myself to doing a fast if I am not up to it. I know it will come naturally. Well not naturally but there will be occasions when it is much easier to do.

Weigh In

My starting weight in June 2017 was 231.8lbs

Last Friday was 199.8lbs

This Friday was 199.6lbs

That's a loss of:

0.2lb in the week 

4.2lb since the beginning of week 1 


32.2lbs overall

My blood pressure this Friday was slightly higher 116/84.

As you can see on the charts it has been flat again. 

The trend is still down. On Friday I was below my weekly, monthly and yearly average.

In fact I am more than a stone below my yearly average. I am cool with that.


I have managed to continue with my HIIT but I didn't complete my 30 minutes exercise every day. I had a couple of very few early mornings and was tired in the evenings. I didn't want to wake myself up by jogging around the house in the evening.

Look at the achievements the week before when I completed a perfect seven.


My ketones were high through the week. I even reached my highest ketones level of 3.6. I am not sure how I got them that high. I had high calories and a high fat day.

My average was 1.82

Facebook Group

I have started a closed Facebook group. Come and join us if you want to discuss, ask or chat about keto. I have been trying out some recipes of my own but haven't had any successful ones to share yet.

Jackie On Keto Uk Facebook Group​​​

Challenge For Next Week

I have decided not to set myself a challenge this week.

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